Cathedral of the Assumption

One of the most marvelous city cathedrals — the Cathedral of the Assumption — suffered a complicated destiny. The necessity to build this cathedral appeared in 1879 when the Omsk clergy decided to widen the Resurrection Cathedral which was too small for all the congregations coming to services. The General-Governor of Western Siberia G. Mescherinov proposed to build a new cathedral instead of widening the old one. On July 16 (28), 1891, the future Emperor Nicholas II took part in the ceremony of laying the foundation of the Assumption Cathedral.

The Assumption Cathedral 100 years ago

The laying of the cathedral was carried out by Nizhny Novgorod bricklayers. The building was made of red bricks, plastered outside; interiors were decorated with frescos and stucco ornaments. In 1898 nine bells were hoisted and three altars were consecrated: the high altar in the name of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the southern and northern altars — in the names of Nicholas the Wonderworker and Mary Magdalene respectively.

The building was erected mostly due to donations of the townspeople, Russian merchants and Emperor Nicholas II; some funds were contributed by the State treasury. In total 125,000 Rubles were spent on building. Assumption Cathedral was dedicated on September 9 (21), 1898. Built in the open territory of a big town square, the Assumption Cathedral could easily be seen from every angle, and it made a lasting impression on visitors and onlookers.

The Assumption Cathedral nowadays

In the 1930s — as a result of mass antireligious campaigns echoed all over the country — the Cathedral was blown up. In 2005 during a regular session of the Government of Omsk Region a decision was made to restore this wonderful religious building. On October 14, 2005, on the most important Orthodox Church feast — Intercession of the Theotokos — the first foundation stone of the restored cathedral was laid. On July 15, 2007, the Assumption Cathedral opened its doors for the church community.

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