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Children’s Zoo is located in the center of Omsk, in the territory of Environmental and Biological Center, where about 700 children are engaged in various circles. The zoo is very popular with the locals, because you can come here with their children and to spend time.   Zoo boasts over 380 species of animals, some of which are listed in the Red Book of Russia, the Red Book of Omsk region, as well as the International Red Book. Special delight in children cause exotic animals, and information about each of the are located on the cages (name of the animal, the image of his life and place of residence).The complex consists of a terrarium zoo, aquarium, exotic animals, outdoor enclosures and a petting zoo, which provides a direct “communication” of children with animals. The zoo you can walk on their own, but you can book a tour. Great joy in children is an opportunity to feed the inhabitants of the zoo, where you can buy special food.At the zoo re-established children’s playground and a fountain, which is more than ten years.

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