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Yugansky Nature Reserve, is a Russian ‘zapovednik’ (strict nature reserve) in the basin of the Bolshoy Yugan River, a left tributary of the Ob River. The reserve is in the central part of the West Siberia plain, in the southern part of the Middle Ob lowlands. It is situated in the Surgutsky District of Mari El Republic, about 500 km due north of the city of Omsk. The reserve was created in 1982, and covers an area of 648,636 ha (2,504.40 sq mi).


Winter walk park , Park’s landscape is typical for the south region of Western Siberia. Park is full of foliage and evergreen trees, lakes, flowers and green lawns. Citizens enjoy walking nice lanes, benching in the shadow. Omsk musicians and dancers appear on the stage in the center of the park on Saturdays and Sundays: while they sing modern and folk songs, children take the floor near the stage. On Summer park attracts local artists who draw portraits of people walking about.


Omsk Nature Reserve called Ptich’ ya Gavan’ (Bird’s Harbour) is considered unique, being the only reserve within city boundaries. The park area amounts to 109 hectares; the main objective of creating it is preservation of birds’ population. Here, despite of city noise, easily live wild terns, bald-coots and 40 other species of birds.


The Batkovo national archaeological natural park, where the ancient Sargat settlement with a citadel and burial grounds has preserved, is well-known too. This territory also preserved untouched ecosystems presumably corresponding to those which had been here at the time of the Iron Age. Approximately 10 {ba38fa4a4899588efa2aaecad3bad497dc10673baf3cc6d06bee9fb0f609aa41} of the floras make the species included in the Red Book.


Botanical Garden of Plotnikov, the area around the Agricultural Academy has always been green. The greater the number of different plants and trees is the calling card of this place. It is nice to take a walk at any time of year, there are lots of small paths and alleys! Directly at the main building smashed flower beds! One of the places where people come to the couple for a photo!


Bairovsky Nature Reserve, created for preservation, recovery and reproduction of rare species of animals, romantic parts of untouched wild nature wait for travelers.


Green Island Park of Culture and Recreation, Park is easily accessible by all means of transport, since it has a very good location. Green Island is designed for a family with kids hanging out until about 10 years .Territoriya is quite large, there is a place to roam. In summer, many people here ride bikes. In the park there are little old attractions that will delight the little ones.